unit step offers a large variety of precast planters, benches, table sets and stepping pads.

Precast Planters

Product Dimensions:
Very large round (60" diameter x 18" tall) 
Large round (36" diameter x 18" tall) 
Satellite (5'6" diameter x 17" tall) 
Square (22" top, 15" base, 17" tall) 
City Rectangle (120" long, 68" across, 12" tall) 
Tall planter (24" diameter x 28" tall) 
Tree planter (54" top, 38" base, 38"tall)

Precast Benches

We manufacture complete benches, bench ends as well as 2 styles of complete table sets.

Contact us today and we'll help you find the perfect precast landscape product to meet your needs!