Sign Bases & Parking Bumpers

At Unit Step, we provide commercial or industrial businesses with parking bumpers and concrete sign bases to inform and protect your employees and customers. Call (317) 357-4552 or request an estimate now.

Concrete Parking Bumpers

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Parking Bumpers
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Concrete Sign Bases

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Precast Parking Bumpers for Industrial Use

Parking lot bumpers eliminate many fender benders and help keep a parking lot orderly and running smoothly. At Unit Step, we carry three types of precast parking bumpers.

Flat bumpers: Solid cement bumper that you normally see in parking lots. They help keep cars and pickup trucks in line.
Shoulder bumpers: These look like flat bumpers with one difference: the bottom edge contains cutouts to allow for water to flow through. Businesses like Lucas Oil Stadium uses these in flood-prone areas.
Truck or industrial bumpers: A larger version of flat bumpers. They are big enough to stop even large 18-wheelers.


When you need a sign that’s not going to budge from the spot where you installed it, check out our 250-pound sign bases. We supply the sturdy base and post, and you attach your sign to it.

In our Indianapolis location, the city buys these for pay parking lots where signage is important for informative purposes. The Pyramids at College Park, a commercial development in Indianapolis, also uses them. If you’ve had problems with your previous signs disappearing or being damaged, give these a try.

A Sampling of Our Work

Other Concrete Products

Looking for additional concrete products for your business? Depending upon your industry, we have several options for you.

Concrete Sign Distributors Needed

Unit Step is always looking for distributors to carry our products. If you’re a signage company and you want to carry precast posts and sign bases as part of your inventory, we’d love to talk with you.

We’re located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and we serve the lower 48 states with custom concrete products like concrete parking bumpers. Regionally, we offer pickup, delivery, and complete installation to Lafayette, Bloomington, Cincinnati, and other cities. For more distant locations, we ship products by freight. Contact us at (317) 357-4552 or request an estimate now.

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