Concrete Bollards

Concrete bollards have multiple functions for both business and property owners. These short concrete posts are used for both aesthetic as well as security purposes. Use them in conjunction with our cement tables and benches, sign bases and parking bumpers, and stairs for a cohesive look. Unit Step manufactures bollards at our facility. Call (317) 357-4552 or request an estimate now. We work with homeowners and businesses in all types of industries.

Concrete Bollards

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Safety & Security

Precast concrete bollards play an important role in creating a secure border around buildings and other areas.

Ram-raiding: Bollards are used to prevent ram-raiding, which is a smash-and-grab type of attack on businesses such as jewelry stores.
Vehicle ramming: Bollards are used to prevent vehicle-ramming attacks on groups of people, buildings, and venues.
High traffic areas: When an outdoor cafe is located adjacent to a busy road or a playground next to a busy parking lot, a barrier of bollards can be constructed to separate the vehicles and people.
Terrorism prevention: At high-target locations, government and other institutions often install systems of bollards designed to resist several waves of vehicle attacks.


Precast bollards play an important role in traffic control. A series of bollards can help direct drivers to the lot they should be in and prevent them from entering off-limit areas. They also designate boundaries of separation between people and vehicles. Additionally, several bollards can be used to create a bicycle parking area.

A Sampling of Our Work

Architectural Bollards

Bollards can also be used to esthetically enhance an area by creating an architectural perimeter.

Custom Precast Concrete Bollard Construction & Delivery Indianapolis
Parks may line a path or walkway with bollards to keep foot traffic off of plants. Designers often add lighting to make the paths pedestrian friendly at night. Linking bollards with chains delineates a path even more.
Historical renovators often choose bollards with the architectural details that match the era of the home. Designers also use bollards to enhance the landscape features of modern homes they are designing.
Precast concrete bollards can even be painted to enhance their environment or become a focal point.

Residential & Commercial Solutions

At Unit Step, we have a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles of precast bollards available. Be sure to visit our shop in Indianapolis for a firsthand look at all our products, or call us for more details. We can also make a custom product for you by creating a mold to your specifications or by using a mold you already have. Check out our FAQ or our company pages for more information about us.

Find out how concrete bollards can protect and enhance your property today by calling Unit Step at (317) 357-4552, or request an estimate now. Our products are safe, durable, and economical. We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and we serve the lower 48 states. Regionally, we offer pickup, delivery, and complete installation in Lafayette, Bloomington, Cincinnati, and other cities. For more distant locations, we ship products by freight.

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