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For all of your precast concrete product needs, trust Unit Step as your local expert. We offer an extensive product line ready for immediate use for both the commercial/industrial and residential sectors. We also do custom work at our facility in Indianapolis. Call us at (317) 357-4552 or request an estimate now.

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Not too many companies make precast steps and stairs anymore. Ours are unique: clean lines, nonslip tread, and properly cured to a smooth, pearl-like finish. Did we mention that they are virtually maintenance free? From highway barriers and cattle barricades to AC and utility pads, we’ve got a number of useful concrete products for outdoor use. If you’re not sure if we can provide something, just ask us.

Steps & stairs

It’s not as easy to find precast steps and stairs like ours anympore. Our clean lines, nonslip tread, and properly cured to a smooth, pearl-like finish make ours unique. Did we also mention that they are virtually maintenance free?


Our architectural products add that finishing touch or focal point to any project. Column caps, wall coping, and door and window lintels are just a few items we offer. Are you in the midst of a historical renovation? Our architectural products will integrate seamlessly into the design plan.


From pavers and steppingstones to splash blocks and statuettes, we offer a variety of products that are both functional and beautiful for outdoor living.

Tables & benches

Our cement tables and benches are right at home everywhere from college campuses to government buildings and restaurants. From simple to elaborate, you’ll love our selection.

Sign Bases & Parking Bumpers

Once in place, these concrete signs aren’t going anywhere. Perfect for parking lots and anywhere you need signs posted, these heavy posts get the job done.


Bollards are short columns that direct traffic, cordon off areas, define spaces, and protect from smash-and-grab attacks.


For more information, check out our FAQ and our company pages. We work with a variety of industries and are always looking for distributors to carry our products in their stores in Indianapolis and beyond.

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Unit Step is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and we serve the lower 48 states with precast concrete steps, tables and benches, highway barriers, and other custom concrete products. Regionally, we offer pickup, delivery, and complete installation to Lafayette, Bloomington, Cincinnati, and other cities. For more distant locations, we ship products by freight. Call (317) 357-4552 or request an estimate now.