3 Benefits of Precast Concrete Planters

Are you a homeowner who takes pride in your ability to grow beautiful, flourishing plants? Whether you have several plants or just a few, we know the joy that comes with watching seedlings become thriving plants. However, when it comes to which type of container to use to house your plants, the options are almost endless. So what is best for your little green pals? After reading about the benefits of precast concrete planters from your friends at Unit Step, we think the decision will be pretty easy to make.

Benefits of Concrete Planters

1. Superior Durability

Have you ever used a plastic or wooden planter, only to have it break on you or get knocked over by the wind? There is nothing worse than checking on your plants after a storm to find that they are spilled all over your landscape. When you choose a precast concrete planter, you never have to worry about your planter being uprooted or knocked over because our formula is heavy and durable. Plus, concrete doesn’t become less visually appealing over time because it won’t get chipped or damaged.

2. Insulation You Can Trust

Typically, lighter colored planters are preferred for plants since darker colors absorb too much sunlight and heat. Therefore, cement is the perfect color for the health of your plants and will complement any garden. As an added bonus, the density of concrete provides enough insulation to keep your plants warm in the colder months, and won’t leak water into your foundation or patio.

3. Variety of Sizes

Finally, we love the versatility of concrete planters. We offer a variety of sizes to fit any landscape, or we can custom pour a planter just for you. Precast concrete planters can even be large enough to handle the heaviest plants and trees. A large planter can be the perfect addition to your garden or landscape, and will create a more elegant atmosphere in any situation.

If you’d like to add a distinctive decorative touch to the outdoor areas of your home or business, explore the possibilities at Unit Step. Located in Indianapolis, we offer precast concrete products that are both beautiful and durable. Contact us at (317) 357-4552 or request an estimate online now.