Choose Precast Concrete Stairs for Your Mobile Home

If you live in a mobile home, you know there are plenty of material options for mobile home steps. Homeowners can choose between wood, fiberglass, metal, concrete, or other materials to get the look and durability they desire. However, while some of these options might be cheaper up front, maintenance and a short life cycle typically makes them more expensive in the long run. That’s why at Unit Step, we always recommend precast concrete stairs for your mobile home.

Precast Concrete Stairs for Mobile Homes

Aesthetically Pleasing

When choosing stairs for your mobile home, you want a set that will be aesthetically pleasing both for you and any visitors you might have. Compared with other materials, precast concrete stairs can provide a much more planned and permanent look, which many mobile home owners strive for. Additionally, textures are colors can be added to the stairs to create a unique and tailored finish, and there are many other ways to customize your new stairs to fit your style.

Ease of Installation

Because precast concrete stairs are manufactured offsite in a controlled environment, the installation process is much easier than poured concrete or other stair material options. You won’t need to wait on perfect weather to install your stairs, and your new stairs will be ready to use the same day they’re installed! Plus, as an added benefit, using precast stairs also means that there is far less dust involved in the installation, so allergy attack and asthma sufferers can rest easy.

Low Maintenance

Concrete doesn’t decompose, emit toxic fumes or gases, and is not easily damaged. In fact, precast concrete stair repairs are very rarely needed. Your stairs should last for decades without need of repair or replacement. To maintain your stairs, simply keep them swept and clean, and power-wash as needed.

Make a great long-term investment by choosing precast concrete steps for your mobile home. Get started today by contacting Unit Step at (317) 357-4552 or requesting an estimate online. We are a custom concrete manufacturer for both the industrial/commercial and residential sectors in the Indianapolis area.