Embracing Your Home’s Historic Character

As “cookie cutter neighborhoods” become more and more common, some homeowners across Indiana are looking to buy homes that come with more character. However, as beautiful as these home can be, they often need updates right away to make living in them more comfortable. So how do you make a historic home livable while maintaining the character? Your friends at Unit Step have the answer.

How to Embrace Your Home's Historic Charm

Address Foundation Issues

During your home’s inspection, any foundation issues should have been identified and will need to be addressed right away. Because your home is older, it has likely settled and shifted over the years and may need a full overhaul before you can safely inhabit the home. Luckily, this is an update that won’t change the look and feel of your historic home, so go ahead and get your foundation up to code during your remodel.

Replace Old Windows

This one is open to debate, as many homeowners love the look of old windows. However, unless your windows are in exceptionally good shape, they are likely going to let in drafts and won’t do your energy bill any favors. As you replace them, try to match the style as closely as possible. Another option is to just replace the windows in the back and sides of your home and leave the front windows original. This will keep your curb appeal charming while still giving you updated windows.

Match Existing Pieces

Finally, if you have any concrete ornamental pieces that are crumbling or damaged, work with a concrete company like Unit Step to match them. Our precast concrete pieces can be fully customized to match any historical piece in your home. As an added benefit, we can manufacture any wall coping, column cap, or other product to your exact specifications. We’ll make the mold or use one of yours to create a unique piece.

Keep the charm you love with help from your friends at Unit Step. For custom architectural concrete pieces, contact us today at (317) 357-4552 or request an estimate online.