3 Benefits of Choosing Unit Step for Your Precast Concrete Steps

Steps are a very functional part of our homes, commercial buildings, educational institutions, and walkways. They get us to where we need to go. However, we sometimes do not always consider what goes into the selection of our stairs until we’re creating a new space or replacing damaged steps. At Unit Step, we are here to help with all of your precast concrete needs, including stairs. Today, we are sharing three reasons you should contact us for your precast concrete steps. 

Benefits of Precast Concrete Steps

1. Durability & Quality 

The durability of pre-cast concrete steps is the primary benefit. We use a 5,000 PSI concrete mix design with fiber reinforcement, giving our customers the ultimate no-maintenance experience. Then, we cure it to a smooth, pearl-like finish for a design that will stand the test of time. Additionally, each riser and tread is uniform and offers the safety of non-skid surface durability. 

2. Customizable Options

We create steps to the exact measurements for a perfect fit to fit the space. In addition, we sell over 100 different size steps that range in width from three to six feet. We offer several handrail options as well. Whether you need to repair a damaged set of steps or install new steps or stairs, we are here to help you identify the best solution. 

3. Industry Expertise 

Finally, by choosing Unit Step, you get the benefit of expertise. We are focused on creating the best products for our customers. In addition to precast steps, we offer decorative landscape and custom architectural pieces. Whether you’re choosing from one of our pre-made stairs or looking for a custom piece, you will be pleased and impressed with our professional installation and finished product. We offer decades of experience and look forward to consulting with our customers.

Our team at Unit Step is ready to help you with your precast concrete needs. We serve Greater Indianapolis and will deliver to regional communities, including Lafayette, IN, Bloomington, IN, and Cincinnati, OH. Request an estimate online or call (317) 357-4552 today.