3 Benefits of Outdoor Restaurant Seating

2020 has been a tough year for restaurants and cafés in America. After the mandatory shutdowns, many businesses have been unable to reopen their doors and the ones that can are looking for ways to keep their employees and patrons safe. One very effective way to comply with COVID-19 guidelines is to add an outdoor seating option. Read on to learn more about how adding outdoor seating with precast tables and benches from Unit Step can benefit your restaurant or café.

Benefits of Outdoor Seating

1. Increase Capacity

Because of social distancing, restaurants are unable to fill all of their indoor seats, causing a major dip in revenue. However, by adding outdoor seating, you’ll be able to serve more customers while still complying with regulations. Then, if and when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, you will be able to serve even more customers than before, making it a great investment in both the present and the future of your business.

2. Free Advertising

When people walking by get a sample of the sights and smells of your food, as well as a sense of the ambiance, all that free advertising will draw more customers right to your door. Today’s diners don’t just want good food, they also want great dining experiences that they can share on social media. A perfect scene of diners happily enjoying meals in the setting sun is an instant advertising boost to potential guests who will literally see your restaurant in its best light.

3. Spending Time Outdoors Benefits Your Health

Spending time outdoors has several health benefits that both your patrons and servers will get to enjoy. Time in the sun boosts levels of Vitamin D, fresh air improves one’s mood by decreasing anxiety and increasing happiness, and spending time outdoors can also improve concentration, memory, and attention, and can even reduce stress levels.

At Unit Step of Indianapolis, we want your restaurant business to thrive both in these uncertain times and in the future. Reap these benefits and more by adding precast concrete tables and benches to your restaurant or café patio. We offer several options that will either blend in with your décor or stand out as a focal point, depending upon your choice and preferences. Contact us at (317) 357-4552 or request an estimate online. Our products are durable, safe, and economical.