3 Ways to Create an Outdoor Space for Your Employees

Flexible works spaces are becoming almost a requirement for modern offices. Employees are no longer content to sit behind a desk for eight hours a day, and studies have shown that giving them the opportunity and space to untether from their computer is quite beneficial. If you are looking to create a space for your employees to get a breath of fresh air during the day, check out these three tips from your friends at Unit Step.

Creating an Outdoor Work Space for Employees

1. Provide Adequate Seating

To help your employees feel comfortable outside, we recommend providing a variety of seating options in their outdoor space. Concrete benches and tables are a great addition to any outdoor courtyard area and are durable and low maintenance so you won’t have to worry about any upkeep. At Unit Step, our precast concrete tables and benches boast clean lines and are available with or without decorative scrollwork, so you can create the exact style you’re looking for.

2. Add Beautiful Landscaping 

Because the goal is to create a space your employees will want to spend time in, it makes sense that you should make it as pleasant as possible. For distinctive, decorative touches, consider precast concrete planters filled with gorgeous plants or concrete bird baths to attract birds to watch. You can also use the landscape design to create privacy for your employees. Larger plants can be used to block off quiet sitting areas from busy pedestrian walkways or high-traffic areas.

3. Provide Power

Finally, be sure that Internet connectivity and electrical outlets are available in your outdoor space. Your employees will likely still want to have access to their tablets, laptops, or other mobile devices while they take in the fresh air. This way, the outdoor space doubles as a place to take a break or take a business call or meeting.

If you’d like to find out more about precast tables, benches, or landscape elements, contact the friendly team at Unit Step today at (317) 357-4552. We’re located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and serve the lower 48 states with custom concrete products. Regionally, we offer pickup, delivery, and complete installation to Lafayette, Bloomington, Cincinnati, and other cities. For more distant locations, we ship products by freight.