3 Ways to Renovate with Precast Architectural Accents

When it comes to home renovation, adding architectural interest can be a great way to update your home inside and out. Incorporating architectural details can bring your entire space together and create focal points in your home.  At Unit Step, we specialize in creating the best precast products for commercial and residential customers. Today, we are sharing our top three tips on using architectural accents to update your home.

Home renovation tips with precast architectural accents

1. Maintain Historical Integrity 

When renovating a historical home or site, details are crucial. Architectural details change over time and can look out of place if columns or other features do not match. We can help match an existing piece and even create a custom piece to fit your home perfectly. We can also create historically accurate pieces for your home to ensure it represents your home’s period or desired style. Whether you need to match stairs, banisters, columns, or other historical features, we can help you find or create the perfect match. 

2. Add Interest to Modern Homes 

Modern homes can be updated with similar features. A great way to add architectural interest to any period home is with a front porch or driveway. As the focal point, a front porch or driveway will help to enhance curb appeal and create the desired look from the moment anyone sets eyes on your home. 

3. Top with Extra Touches 

Whether you have a historical or modern space, some additional concrete items can add interest. Some examples include precast tables, benches, planters, bird baths, pavers, statues, and bollards. Each of these items can add visual interest, texture, and dimension to your space. We have products available or we can create custom items to meet your needs. 

There are many ways to update a historical or modern home with some intentional architectural additions. At Unit Step, our experts are ready to help you select the best architectural accents in your home for your renovation project. We are located in Indianapolis, IN, and will deliver to regional communities including Lafayette, IN, Bloomington, IN, and Cincinnati, OH. Request an estimate online or call (317) 357-4552 to schedule your appointment today.