Have you ever wondered what can be made from pre-cast concrete? Concrete is often seen as a construction material, but there are so many ways it can be used to enhance a business, school, or even residential area. Pre-cast concrete is both durable and appealing to the eye. At Unit Step, we specialize in pre-cast concrete offers, including customizations. Today we are sharing six products made from pre-cast concrete.

6 Pre-cast Concrete Products

1. Steps and Stairs

It is not easy to find pre-cast steps and stairs these days. Ours are durable, with beautiful clean lines and a pearl-like finish that make them unique. They are also virtually maintenance-free.

2. Architectural

Architectural elements can elevate the look of any area. From door and window lintels to column end caps to wall coping, there are many possible creations.

3. Landscaping

We offer a variety of landscaping products that are both beautiful and functional for outdoor living. Stepping stones, pavers, and statuettes are great landscaping decor additions.

4. Tables & Benches 

Cement tables and benches are the perfect addition to college campuses, government buildings, and restaurants. We offer designs from simple to elaborate to meet your desired aesthetic. The durability is perfect for high-traffic areas and the look can range from simple to more ornate depending on your building and surroundings.

5. Sign Bases & Parking Bumpers

Our sign bases and parking bumpers are sturdy and durable. They’re the perfect addition to any parking lot, whether at a school, business, or park. 

6. Bollards 

Finally, bollards are short columns that are very functional. They help to direct traffic, prevent smash and grabs, and define spaces. 

Our team at Unit Step is ready to help you with your precast concrete needs. We serve Greater Indianapolis and will deliver to regional communities, including Lafayette, IN, Bloomington, IN, and Cincinnati, OH. Request an estimate online or call (317) 357-4552 today.