Unless you’re a contractor, you likely don’t give much thought to column caps or wall coping. In fact, you might not even be aware of these architectural pieces unless someone were to point them out to you. However, the next time you pass by a column, picture what it would look like without the concrete cap on top and you’ll start to appreciate these elements. At Unit Step, we carry a variety of precast concrete products and today we’re discussing column caps and wall coping.

Column Caps and Wall Coping

Column Caps

A column cap is the piece of concrete or stone placed on top of a column or pillar. In addition to their esthetic appeal, these items are designed to also protect the underlying concrete or brick by directing water away from the wall or column. The column cap can be of various shapes and sizes, and is usually designed to fit the architectural style of the building.

Wall Coping

Wall copings are very similar to column caps except instead of protecting a column, a wall coping covers an entire wall. They also prevent rainwater from penetrating into the wall below, and add esthetic appeal to the area. Wall copings are usually designed with a sloping edge; this edge can slope in one direction or in both directions to enable the water to be channeled away from the wall opening.

Precast Concrete

When you’re looking for just the right column caps and wall copings, choose precast concrete for a beautiful, long-lasting product. At Unit Step, we carry an assortment of precast caps and wall copings to add a decorative touch to your outdoor masonry. Even better, if you don’t find what you’re looking for in stock, we can manufacture any wall coping, column cap, or other product to your exact specifications. We’ll make the mold or use one of yours to create a unique piece.

For custom architectural concrete structures, call Unit Step today at (317) 357-4552 or request an estimate online. We even offer pickup, delivery, and complete installation to Lafayette, Bloomington, Cincinnati, and other cities. For more distant locations, we ship products by freight.