Commercial Property Owners and Parking Lot Responsibility

Parking lot maintenance and safety are paramount for commercial property owners and developers. Property owners must keep parking lots well-maintained, compliant with the law, and safe for employees and customers to provide a secure environment. In this blog post, Unit Step discusses the responsibility of commercial proper owners regarding parking lot maintenance.

Commercial Property Owners and Parking Lot Responsibility

Customer and Employee Safety

Commercial property owners of businesses and retail centers are responsible for ensuring their parking lot is safe and well-maintained. This includes ensuring the ground is level, free from holes or cracks, maintained during all seasons, and clean. Additionally, roadways must be kept clear with adequate lighting and signage to avoid confusion or injury. Commercial property owners must pay full attention to these standards to ensure that customers and employees can move around the area securely without any worries.

Commercial Property Liability and Risk

As any business owner will tell you, one of the most important things to consider when owning a commercial property is liability. Liability cannot be taken lightly, and knowing the risks associated with owning commercial property is essential. General liability protects against bodily injury or damage while on your property. Employers’ liability can cover medical bills and other legal costs if an employee is injured. Other liabilities exist, too. Each type of liability carries its own risks, so it is wise to understand how each could affect your business should legal action occur.

Reducing Risk With Concrete Sign Bases and Parking Bumpers

Concrete sign bases, parking bumpers, and other forms of protection are essential for keeping drivers and pedestrians safe and reducing risk. Concrete sign bases hold signs directing traffic and alerting drivers to potential hazards. They also provide an additional layer of security when combined with a parking bumper. These valuable items absorb the impact of vehicles that may accidentally or intentionally go too far. As an added benefit, they resist harsh weather conditions, which increases their longevity. To ensure safety over time, it’s essential to replace existing signs and bases if damaged or corroded and adjust the height of the base, if necessary. 

Parking Lot Maintenance 

When addressing the maintenance needs of your parking lot, there are several factors to consider. First, assess the size and condition of your lot to determine repairs or resurfacing needs. Also, consider the type of traffic that utilizes the parking lot. Finally, understand seasonal climate conditions that could impact surface longevity. After evaluating these points and making changes, develop a plan for regular maintenance. This can include regularly-scheduled inspections and patching and sealing, as necessary. When approaching parking lot maintenance in this proactive way, property owners can better ensure they have a safe and reliable surface at all times.

Pre-Cast Concrete Products 

Owning and operating a commercial property comes with many responsibilities, especially in the parking lot. Fortunately, Unit Step can help. If you have questions about pre-cast concrete products for your Indianapolis business, give us a call at (317) 357-4552