Unit Step has been the Indianapolis area’s premier source for precast concrete stairs since 1958. Our products are safe, durable, and economical and our expert staff makes it a priority to go above and beyond for our customers. But, that is not all we do. Did you know we also have a great selection of additional products? If you’re looking for a precast concrete product, you’ve come to the right place.

Addition Products We Carry

Regular Line of Products

As our name would suggest, steps and stairs for both residential and commercial use are our main product. However, we also carry architectural products such as column caps to wall coping and landscaping products like concrete planters, tables, and benches. Finally, sign bases, parking bumpers, and concrete bollards are popular choices for businesses looking to improve the safety of their parking lots.

Additional Products

In addition to our regular line of products, we also make and stock a variety of other concrete products including:
  • AC concrete pads
  • Utility electrical pads
  • Concrete rain gutters
  • Pool coping
  • Highway barriers
  • Cattle tie-up barriers
  • Bird baths
  • Statuettes
  • iPad kiosks
  • Pavers for flat roofs and splash blocks
  • Concrete signage

Custom Products

If none of these listed products fit your needs, we can also handle custom orders. We have our own custom facility available on site where we can make almost anything. We’ll create a mold using your specs or use a mold you already have. Our small, experienced staff do meticulous work and are eager to help with unique projects. And the best part is that all of our products complement each other. This way, if you purchase several different products from us, they’ll have a cohesive style of clean lines and smooth, pearl-like finishes.

At Unit Step, whether you are looking for precast concrete stairs or a custom product you’ve dreamed up, our goal is to provide you with the best product possible. Get started today by contacting us at (317) 357-4552 or request an estimate online.