Does Your Home Need a Downspout Splash Pad?

If you live in Indiana, you know that the fall and winter months are marked by a drastic increase in precipitation. After a long, dry summer, fall and winter months are filled with rain, sleet, and snow- and all that moisture can start to have an impact on your home. At Unit Step, we encourage you to use this time to inspect your home’s gutter system and consider whether it could benefit from a concrete downspout splash pad for further protection from the elements. Read on to learn if your home could benefit from this feature.

Does Your Home Need a Downspout Splash Pad?

What does the water land on?

As you begin your investigation, start by looking under each downspout attached to your home. Typically, if the water has room to drain onto a hard surface such as a driveway or paved space, then you probably don’t need an additional concrete surface. However, if your gutters are pointing directly into a flower bed or grassy area, you are risking soil erosion every time it rains and you need to divert the water elsewhere.

Where are the slopes?

Next, check out the land around your house to see if it slopes toward or away from your foundation. If your land has natural slopes that would push water up against your foundation, a concrete splash pad would be useful in protecting against water damage. In fact, even if your landscaping does slope downward, you might want to consider incorporating a splash pad anyway to avoid any pooling. You never want standing water up against the foundation of your house, so do everything you can to avoid it.

Are the neighbors close?

Finally, as you consider where the water is draining, make sure you pay attention to your neighbor’s house or any other existing structures. It wouldn’t be very neighborly to divert water away from your home’s foundation and directly point it to your neighbor’s. A concrete splash pad could be the ideal solution to guide the rainwater further away from both foundations and avoid all damage.

If you find you’re in need of a concrete downspout splash pad, give Unit Step a call. We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and we provide precast concrete products to our valued customers. We also offer pick-up, delivery, and complete installation to nearby cities. For more information, contact us today at (317) 357-4552 or request an estimate online.