The Benefits of Concrete Sign Bases

A successful business relies on quality marketing to advertise its products and services. That is why it’s so important to invest in quality signage that is built to last. At Unit Step, we know you want your business to thrive, so we recommend precast concrete sign bases to support the signs outside your business. Read on to learn about the benefits of choosing concrete!

Concrete Sign Bases


Concrete sign post bases are a safe choice for several reasons. Concrete is flame retardant so in the event of an accident, it won’t catch fire. Additionally, concrete is highly resistant to impact, so it is a good idea to use concrete in parking lots. Finally, the strength of concrete will sturdily hold a sign in place even in high winds, greatly lowering the risk of a sign flying off its base and damaging the surrounding area.


Concrete can last for many years and is naturally easy to maintain. It is water-resistant and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. It is not necessary to constantly clean it, or worry about rust or scratches. In fact, our concrete bases are even resistant to the harsh effects of salt used to melt snow and ice in parking lots. Because concrete is a long-lasting material, you will end up saving money by not having to repair or replace the base for years to come. Also, your sign will be very difficult to steal from its 250-pound base!

Easy to Install

Concrete sign bases have multiple benefits, but pre-cast concrete has the additional benefit of being extremely easy to install. With a sign foundation from Unit Step, you can skip over the hassle of the setup for a poured-in-place base and instead, simply set a precast concrete base in place. You’ll save time on installation and your end result will be perfect every time. No waiting for a concrete truck!

When you need a sign that’s not going to budge from the spot where you installed it, trust Unit Step to get the job done. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, we serve the lower 48 states with custom concrete products like concrete parking bumpers. Contact us today at (317) 357-4552 or request an estimate online.