The Many Applications for Concrete Bollards

Concrete bollards have multiple functions, serving business and property owners alike. They are short, concrete posts that are used both esthetically as well as for security. At Unit Step, we manufacture bollards at our facility and deliver them to homeowners, business, and all types of industries. Today, we’re discussing some of the most common uses for concrete bollards.

Concrete Bollards

Traffic Line or Street Bollards

Traffic bollards are used to guide traffic toward appropriate areas while ensuring clear sightlines and allowing pedestrian access. They also prevent access to restricted areas such as bike lanes, public squares, and traffic islands. And on roadways without curbs, they can be used to prevent vehicles from straying off of the road.

Pedestrian Bollards

Pedestrian bollards are used to define distinct pedestrian areas. A line of decorative bollards around a building may define its perimeter and add architectural flair. Perimeters can also be made around playground areas or parks, allowing easy access to pedestrians but discouraging vehicles from driving on the area.

Safety Bollards

Safety bollards are often installed in front of vulnerable building components to minimize damage in the event of an accident. These vulnerable building components might be gas or water meters that would cause a lot of damage if hit.  Another example is specific historical, architectural features that should be preserved.

Bicycle Parking Bollards

Bicycle parking bollards provide a place for safe, short-term bike lock-up in public areas. They often have a post-and-arm shape, where two bike-locking arms circle the central post. These bollards have multiple functions, as they provide a place for bicycles and they help with vehicle or pedestrian management. Additionally, they attract cycling customers, encourage sustainability, and reduce the obstruction and damage that can come from improperly parked bicycles.

At Unit Step, we have a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles of precast bollards available. Our products are safe, durable, and economical. Be sure to visit our shop in Indianapolis for a firsthand look at all our products, or contact us at (317) 357-4552 for more details.