Which Parking Lot Bumper Material Is Right for You?

Parking lot bumpers, also known as wheel stops, parking blocks, or curb stops, are raised blocks designed to assist drivers when parking their vehicles. They are used to protect any structures around the parking lot including buildings and other parked vehicles. Today on the blog, the team at Unit Step is discussing the different options to consider when choosing a material for your parking lot bumpers.

Parking Lot Bumper Materials

Concrete Parking Bumpers

The biggest benefit of using concrete parking bumpers is that they are very heavy. This makes them very stable once secured into place, and they do a great job of stopping vehicles from going over their designated parking spots. They are also very long-lasting and durable, and because they are pre-cast, they are very simple to install. Concrete can also be painted and repainted so you can customize them as needed.

Rubber Parking Bumpers

Another common material used for parking bumpers is recycled rubber. It is resistant to UV rays, moisture, oil, and chemical spills, however, rubber is not as heavy as concrete, and therefore, will not stop vehicles as effectively. They are easy to install, however, one major disadvantage is that they typically only come in black and yellow. This can be inconvenient for companies that need parking bumpers in different colors or wish to change colors after a few years of use. Finally, because rubber parking bumpers are made from recycled tires, the processing and manufacturing make them more expensive.

Plastic Parking Bumpers

The final option for parking lot bumpers is recycled plastic. Overall, they are both durable and require little maintenance, however, if exposed to extreme heat, there is a chance they will melt. Plastic bumpers are relatively easy to install but they are the most expensive of the three types of parking blocks.

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